The Plight of the Equivalent Experienced Worker

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The Plight of the Equivalent Experienced Worker

It wasn’t that long ago you could open the classifieds, look in the help wanted and find ads that asked for those who have a diploma or equivalent experience in certain jobs being offered. Now those same ads are asking for diplomas or certificates in the field of the jobs being offered. What happened to equivalent experience? Those times have come and retired.

The days of walking in and applying for the job, offering your abilities to be a quick learner and a hard worker are now no longer the qualities most companies look for. They want the university, college or trade school certified workers to fill those positions. Book smarts with no official training seems to be what the companies want. Then they complain and blame the markets, the economy and the government for the lack of success or profits they have. Comparing today to what things were like 20 years ago.

Nobody stops to think that the book smart is only a quarter of what big companies need. They need those workers who are willing to work hard, learn on the job and are willing to give a 100 percent to the company in exchange for the opportunity to get the full experience of the trade or job they have been given the opportunity to learn. In most cases, the person holding the equivalent to experience knows more than those who spent 4 years looking in a book and watching slide shows on what not to do. More often than not they are overqualified for the new position. Take away the politics and bureaucracy and you would find it is the experienced with hands-on that can give you the quality control, the production or output and most importantly the high-profit margins that most companies want.

I am all for education, and I am one of the first to stand up and push for everyone who can get a university degree to go for it, but I am also the first to stand up and agree that if someone has 20 years experience in the same field they should be given the same opportunity to work in the equivalent experienced position. Companies are one of the very few places where you do not have to sacrifice one for the other. It is large companies that have the opportunity to gain from hiring both book smart and experienced workers. When combining the two types of workers, there is no place to go but up and success is at the top.

It is time for big corporations and large companies to pull their heads out of the sand, stop looking to the banks and start taking advantage of the treasures that are only a call away. The unemployment office is full of those workers who have equivalent experience, and those willing to come in and learn on the job.

K. Waters
Writer, Blogger, Mother

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