Republicans Told Trump Healthcare First

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Republicans Told Trump Healthcare First

When President Trump came to the White House ready to roar, the Republican Party told him to hold off on those tax cuts and building bridges. Congress told our president that he must do healthcare first. Little did he know at the time, but the Republican plan to take nine hundred million dollars out of Medicaid and push it towards their tax cuts was already in motion. However, they told President Trump that he had to go this way in governing.

Well, nearly eight months later, the entire time was wasted and no healthcare bill was passed. There was not going to be a repeal of Obamacare or even a skinny version of it. Over half of the first year of the Trump Presidency was laid to waste with these congressional parlor games and failures. But, whose failure is it? Maybe for the party, this is going according to plan. Maria Bartiromo on Fox Business News even started to ask congress to their face whether or not the party backs Trump. You see the whole thing is starting to look fishy and more like the Republican Party wants President Trump to fail.

President Trump gave the party a conservative administration, a conservative Supreme Court Justice, and a conservative Vice President. This was an olive branch that Trump gave to the party so he can get something done and move his populist agenda forward. But what did the president get for all of those gestures? Nothing but chaos and failure was handed back to President Trump. The president got nothing, the party does not even acknowledge the olive branch and they care less about his populist agenda, except for the parts of it that might be conservative. The president was rolled by the politicians in his own party.

Reince Priebus and Sean Spicer better be the beginning of a massive house cleaning. It is time for the populist president to move on from party orthodoxy and failed dogma. It is time to make America great…


C. Rich
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