Pinocchios, Politicians and the Swamp

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Pinocchios, Politicians and the Swamp

When Democrats do it, they call it opposition research and when the Trump family does it, they call it a crime. I call it all a lie. No way around it; that family has not been telling us the whole truth when it came to this Russia thing. If we are from the right and if the shoes were reversed and this was all happening, but it was Mrs. Clinton, talk radio would be out of their minds. But truth be told, we all know nobody would ever look into anything at all when it comes to the shady Clintons.

Now I hear CNN screaming treason and I hear people from the right saying that there is nothing to see here. Both views are off the mark. The way I view Trump’s son’s actions and words are simple, he lied. In fact, I bet there are a dozen different laws that were violated by the president’s son’s actions, way short of treason. To be intellectually honest, those who are on the spectrum of what we politically call “right” would never stand for all of this deception from the left. How do we know, well, the left is always doing felonious crap and they are always getting away with it. The past eight years was an orgy of crimes from the highest levels of the Democrat party on down.

Politicians telling lies is nothing new, but the last I checked, we did not send politicians to the White House, we sent business folk. Maybe that is the point. These people are not of government and are walking around in a minefield of possible missteps. I will be shocked if the president’s son is not arrested for something. Here is how I feel about all of this. We are six months into this presidency and still no tax cuts. Nobody ever repealed Obamacare on day one, which is the biggest lie of all. Not a single mile of the southern border wall has been built. If you told me on January 20th, 2017 that six months later these things would not have been done or started, I would not have believed you. Who is part of the swamp now? Instead of a growing economy, we have growing noses, everywhere.


C. Rich
Author, Blogger, Poet

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