One Trump Supporter Facing The Lies

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Being one of Trump’s biggest supporters over the last two years and being the author of Polyseismic – The Rise of Donald Trump in the 2016 Presidential Election Cycle, it is time to face the lies. What I think goes misunderstood is that people who pull for Trump know he plays with the truth and his speech about things. We watched him land up on both sides of an issue many times. The man can say one thing about his core belief and then ten minutes later say the opposite. We have known this. We knew how he semantically dances between the raindrops of truth and reality. We did not mind because it was in the face of the big lie that was the establishment and how their stewardship of our nation left a lot of people behind while certain groups cashed in.

Trump, as the head of our populist movement that was spreading across the globe, was imperfect. We knew that. The people had enough of the elite and the so-called educated amongst us running this nation into the ground. In fact, the only ones that did not seem to mind the destruction were the very people who benefited from it and fed off the demise of the middle class. Another problem with the establishment that the people hated was the lawlessness of it all. We have sat back now for over a decade going back to the 2008 Bankster crisis and have watched the elite commit one crime after the other without any accountability. We watch them over and over commit crimes in the light of day that we know would land us up in prison. We see that they never seem to have to pay the piper. Just ask James Clapper. He is still walking around as if he did not lie to congress under oath in broad daylight on TV. Even today one head of an intelligence agency after the other just seems to have no problem telling us lies. It has been an era of such unabated lawlessness.

That is why the lies coming from the Trump team and his son Don Jr. about this Russia thing are peeling off Trump supporters. This particular lie feels too much like what the elites have been doing to us for decades. It is just too much to swallow. It is too familiar and not in a good way. Positive Populists are patriots; they are not in bed with Russia. We understand what happened here and having Russia pick sides in our election and having the Trump campaign team up with them, is simply a bridge too far. Meanwhile, not one real bridge has been built under the Trump Presidency. Nobody repealed Obamacare day one. Not a single tax bracket at any level has been cut. And the only wall being built is the one between Trump and his supporters like me.


C. Rich
Author, Blogger, Poet

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