Joe Scarborough Last to Find Out He’s Not Republican

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Joe Scarborough Last to Find Out He's Not Republican

Watching Joe Scarborough announce to the world that he is not a Republican was like watching Barry Manilow tell the world he is gay. Duh, is the only thought that comes to mind. Joe has long since left the Redneck Riviera for the liberal epicenter of delusion in the northeast. He even bagged himself a Democrat lady. We won’t talk about any homewrecking or anything. That would be rude. I’m sure Mika Brzezinski’s decision to blow up her twenty some odd year marriage and family to be Joe’s fourth wife was a sound one.

Can you tell how much I like the Morning Joe? Nails on a chalkboard. Cartoons in a cartoon graveyard. Of course, this is just my opinion, but do you think I am alone? Maybe I’m just mystified? Let us all just hope when his contract is up with NBC he disappears on a tour bus carrying his guitar. Cable news will not miss him. Morning TV won’t miss him and the Republican Party will damn sure not miss him. Show me one single pundit that has been more wrong about the last two years of politics than that show. And that is saying something in the new world of Fake News.

In the words of a Canadian Poet, “Con man, song in hand, who you singing to?” The man is a fraud through and through. He masqueraded as a Republican on TV. He acted as if he was the only conservative in Manhattan and now he is going to play Rockstar? It is all laughable if it weren’t so sad. The truth is he is still on the air spreading his anti-Trump hate and lies. Joe still pollutes the airwaves with his grinding axe. I can’ think of one redeeming quality about this man. Wait, he does have a full set of hair. Nah, he is just full of it…


C. Rich
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