It’s The Economy, Stupid, Not Russia

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It's The Economy, Stupid, Not Russia

Americans don’t give a damn about Russia; we want tax cuts. Nowhere, and I mean nowhere I go in my life, do I hear anyone talking about Russia. People want healthcare, tax cuts, and infrastructure. We want the Republican Party to back the Trump agenda and let our builder build. We do not give a crap about Russian hacks. Everyone gets hacked. The left only cares about it because they lost the 2016 presidential election. America interferes with other people’s elections all of the time. Just because we got our asses handed to us this cycle does not mean anything, but we got our asses handed to us online. So do better, if you care about this, and stop whining about Russia.

Here it is July and still, the Republican Party cannot seem to be able to govern. They don’t even seem embarrassed about it. Think about that. They said on day one they would knock down Obamacare and it still exists. Yet there seems to be no self-awareness that they look like bumbling fools or at the very least charlatans. The party even spends its time joining in on the Russian misinformation and plays into the mainstream media’s narrative. Meanwhile, they have not brought the tax rates down or built a single new bridge. A once great political party has turned into the most vacuous, do nothing, nothing burger anyone in our lifetime has seen.

Before Trump was president he went around the entire nation stating he wanted to have a better relationship with Russia. After hearing this, the nation sent him to the White House. So clearly the people are saying give this man a chance. Yet there are people in the Republican Party that get in the way of the people’s agenda in every way they can including this Russia ridiculousness. We know who you are. You are not hard to find. Most of you ran in the Republican Primary for president and you got your asses handed to you. Now you just look vindictive and petty. You bathe yourself in the losery of the establishment and you don’t feel like kin anymore.


C. Rich
Author, Blogger, Poet

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