Bad Game of Risk or Alternate Universe

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Bad Game of Risk or Alternate Universe

Someone, please tell me if this is possibly an alternate universe and when will we return back to our normal one? The United States is being ruled by Trump-ism, Canada is being run by “Pretty Boy” Trudeau and the British are in the middle of a “changing of the guard” leaving the EU.

Believe it or not but many mistreated terrorists have been paid settlements from governments around the world, adding up to billions being paid out. It was just Canada in their infinite wisdom that decided to make it public. Fine, if stupidity ruled the logic then at least they could have taken the settlement money of Omar Khadr one step further by saying: “Here is your apology but your settlement will be sent to your victims’ families, especially since they also won a settlement and you owe them more than money itself.”

From what I can tell it does not go against any laws, human rights or settlement decrees. This could have set the lead to other governments to take notes and implement it into their laws. That would prevent terrorists from pursuing lawsuits where they will not profit.

As it stands, the terrorist Omar Khadr will receive 10.5 million CAD (8 million USD) to once again fund his next terrorist attack. What makes me pretty sure it will happen?  Logic dictates that if he suffered mistreatment, suffering, and torture at Guantanamo like it claimed in his lawsuit, then the hatred he already had that lead him to commit a terrorist act would be enhanced tenfold. Obviously, he never received rehabilitation or he would never have won a lawsuit based on human rights infringements.

In the United States, President Trump managed to alienate the United States from almost every ally country that would back them if North Korea declares war. Handing Cuba back to Russia and China on a silver platter by placing sanctions back on Cuba was really not a sound strategic move on his part. Remember, Russia had nuclear warheads pointed at the US during the cold war era being only a stone’s throw away for those who are not aware of the geology. Russia is one of North Korea’s main allies next to China.

Cuba allows Russian subs to dock off the shores a couple of times a year even now, so throwing Cuba back does not make any sense. Especially when we are all worried about North Korea being so close to launching a missile that will reach the United States, it stands to reason to be an ally with Russia, as Russia is an ally of Cuba. It places the United States in a fairly vulnerable military position. Then take Russia being a stone’s throw from Alaska, and Canada is the only country in the way from the north. It was not a good move to alienate Canada. From the south, Trump has managed to make a mess with the already rocky relationship with Mexico, building the wall and forcing Mexico to pay for it through tariffs or sanctions most definitely was a stupid move militarily. It does not paint a pretty picture.

With the US troops fighting over the sandbox in the middle east, troops stationed in South Korea, and now they might have to ramp up troops right at home, it will eat up the new budget increase and would definitely make any strong military force be stretched thin. With the draft gone where will the manpower come from.

Keeping in mind that Britain, Australia, and Canada will all fight together and President Trump has managed to offend all of them, we have no idea on which side, if any, would they take if a war broke out. Being part of N.A.T.O or the UN does not guarantee they will defend the United States considering he managed to make a bad impression and offend many members. At the last Summit meeting, the United States was not seen as a world leader but more as a just a member.

With all the terrorist attacks going on in Britain , maybe they better hold off on the emancipation from the EU until we see what is coming down the pipeline. From where I am sitting and what history has taught us, Britain is a distraction at the moment. I think Russia is just sitting back letting ISIS do their thing by keeping Britain busy because Putin knows that Britain is his weak spot in a time of war. Britain has many allies that will come to their aid if needed. For a little country, they are a force to be reckoned with if they stay together. It was not a coincidence that when the vote was favored for the split that the terrorism was ramped up and ISIS somehow came into funds and guns.

So please people wake up and see the signs. It’s not hard to follow the daisy chain.  Trump was elected with Russia’s help, ISIS ramps up on Britain, and mysteriously North Korea goes from duds to threat status on the missile front as Kim John Un takes his throne.

Putin has billions to infuse his allies with funding and all he has to do is sit back let everyone else do his work for him and when the time is right, all he will have to do is walk in and become the world leader. It didn’t take him long to take the Ukraine which was just his way of testing the waters to see exactly where he stood in the eyes of the world leaders. He wanted to see who would jump to Ukraine’s aid. When Putin came to power, he made it very clear he wanted “his Russia” back and that my fellow readers is what once was known as the USSR. If the KGB taught Putin one thing, it was patience.

K. Waters
Writer, Blogger, Mother


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