Republicans on Medicaid Betrayed?

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It is almost impossible to know how many people who voted for Trump are on Medicaid. If the CBO is right and at least twenty-two million people are going to be thrown off of it, then it is fair to guess millions of them are also Republicans. As President Trump flirts with the possibility that he might go back on his word and blast all of those people, many are getting nervous.

It looks like the evil conservatives held a nine hundred million dollar carrot in front of Trump in the form of tax cuts. I’m not sure, but I have not heard a word from the president, saying he would not sign a bill attacking Medicaid. All he has said is he wants a bill with heart. That leaves him a lot of wiggle room. His words were much clearer on the campaign trail when he looked everyone in the eyes over and over and told them he would not touch it. Such double talk has vibes of The Swamp.

If the president does this he will never win re-election. The first chance the Republican Party got, they immediately went after the safety net. This is who they are. This is the nefarious way the conservatives operate. This is not what the country voted for and it is certainly not what Trump ran on. Notice the party never goes to cut the war machine, corporate welfare or their own medical benefits. It is evil like this that sparked the Populist movement across the world.

It is fair and accurate to say that if this goes down, President Trump will rob Medicaid nearly one trillion dollars. Now, those of us from the right, cannot just make believe that this is not an evil act. In fact, this is why so many people hate politics and politicians. I hope President Trump is not going to be a part of this Swampy thing. I hope he remembers why we all sent him there.


C. Rich
Author, Blogger, Poet

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