Necessities of Life, Food, Water, Air, and Healthcare

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I do not understand why politicians think healthcare is a commodity that you can change in hopes to make money. It’s a necessity of life, just like food, water, and the air we breathe. The sooner they realize it the better everyone will be.

In very basic terms is it really that hard to figure out that on average 400 billion a year is spent on healthcare. So, if everyone pays 40.00 a month, families of 3 or more pay 120.00 a month and students pay 20.00 a month, then 60% of the yearly amount is covered. Each state pays 20.00 per person in their states and the federal government pays 20.00 per person to each state then basic math tells us that 100% of the healthcare is covered. Some states get more, some less, but in reality every state gets the same because it’s based per capita/person. No plan is perfect, but it’s a start, and there is nothing wrong with fundraising if a hospital needs extra funding. Politicians do it all the time just to get elected, they can do it as part of the platform to get re-elected. That way everyone gets the basic coverage to visit a doctor, hospital or medical center. Seniors benefit, sick children get the proper care and everyone can relax a bit knowing if they ever have a medical emergency they will not have to hesitate to call an ambulance. Private healthcare insurers still can sell the additional plans that cover medications, dental, and eyewear and even elective surgeries, if they choose to.

Those who complain about it will complain about any plan put in place. But what really gets my blood boiling is when someone says I don’t get sick so why should I have to pay for others. The fact is we all eventually get sick or hurt at one time or another. If you’re human you will age when you age you will need some form of healthcare. So instead of complaining, look at it as an investment into retirement. It is much better to pay 40 dollars a month on a pension then 10,000 dollars per hospital visit every time you need to see a doctor for an old age ailment that you didn’t think you would get.

Another good argument for proper healthcare is epidemics. Without proper healthcare in place for a countries population, we can easily fall prey to many epidemics, pandemics, and deadly plagues. If a person contracts a deadly disease like Ebola, bird flu or even the Zika virus and can not afford to seek a hospital or doctors visit they go undetected and spread the virus or disease to others. First family members and friends, they spread it to their family and friends, so on so forth and before you know it, clusters of the infected take over just like it does in third world countries. With approximately 321 million people inhabiting the United States it would not take long for something to spread. Is it worth the risk in a wealthy country like the United States just to make a profit? Is President Trump willing to gamble with your life? We all know Trump and his family will be protected in a health crisis, but ask yourself will he even care if you get sick, or die because of poor healthcare? Better yet ask yourself if he will even know you existed.

Face it, people, you should be the investment for the future, not your health. Without you, there would be no profit. President Trump reminds us all the time how great he is at making money, then why is he so blind to the best investment he could ever make, YOU!


K. Waters
Writer, Blogger, Mother

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