I Don’t Trust a Man Who’s Never Drunk a Beer, Joe Scarborough

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I don’t trust a man who has never drunk a beer, Joe Scarborough, and I certainly do not trust you. I’m sure there are nice people who never drank alcohol before, but I wouldn’t hang out with them. That is not my kind of guy. Hell, there is even nonalcoholic beers, so I really don’t trust a man who never had a beer. Maybe you and President Trump should have your own beer summit at the Whitehouse.

You and your girlfriend have gotten away with verbal murder on your morning show since you’re fallout with the president. In fact, I used to watch your show every day and tape it on my DVR as must-see TV, until the show turned into some insane, political rabies type thing, as you and your lady froth at the mouth like Cujo in regards to President Trump. Watching from afar, this seems to be very personal to you. You seem very hurt that President Trump does not want to be your friend anymore and you take out that heartbreak daily on TV.

You were once one of only two media people that the president followed on Twitter and you were abandoned and deleted. What was also deleted was your gold star access to the most newsworthy president in the history of our nation. So your career was smashed and your hurt hangs on your sleeve each and every broadcast, as you pontificate from outside the gates of Trump insider world. Your career is starting to take the form of a barking stray dog outside the gate, never to be let in the house and left out in the cold.

Your attempt this morning on your failing TV show to say all you want to do is cover policy is laughable. You and NBC have the biggest axes to grind against this president because he told you both no. Your network begged him to renew The Apprentice and you begged him to be your friend. You and your network were rebuffed and repudiated personally and professionally. Go cry a river Joe, because there is no tear in my beer, Scarborough dear, and I am not crying over you. Leave the airways to people who can cover this president fairly.


C. Rich
Author, Blogger, Poet

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