What a Joke: Clapper Sworn In Again in Front of Congress

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Watching James Clapper be sworn in once again in front of congress this week made me laugh. Asking him to tell the truth and nothing but the truth is ridiculous. Instead of putting his hand on a Bible, his hands should have been put into handcuffs. You know if anyone of us lied under oath in front of congress like he did, we’d be rotting away in prison. James Clapper and the entire lot of them up there in Washington D.C. are all above the law.

In a week’s time, we watched the House of Representative vote to exempt themselves from the healthcare law they are trying to thrust down our collective throats. And now we watch James Clapper get called up to congress as if he is a man of integrity. Watching that dog and pony show the Senators put on today was shameless. Why even have these public hearings where the answer to every question, is “I can’t answer that here” or “I can’t answer that in this setting.” The whole thing is a waste of the public’s time.

There is such a prodigious gulf between the people who govern us and we the people. There is no connection anymore to self-governance. The whole thing is lost and beyond repair. It is a house of mirrors. Our system of government is just a fraud. Not even the ballot box of the 2016 Presidential race has really changed much. The same people are telling us the same lies and nothing gets done for our collective benefit.

All this talk about Russia, Russia Russia, but what they don’t realize, is most people know America does all of that too and more to other nation’s elections. The only reason this has been highlighted like it is some anomaly is because of which party lost the last presidential election. We are the biggest stone in the biggest glass house of the world. We are hypocrites in this regard. Our interference in other nations’ elections and governments is vast and ongoing. If the Russians are getting better at it than us, then shame on us. Just stop complaining about it. It makes you look like a sore loser. It sure comes across that way.

In the end, there are way too many people above the law. In a nation that locks up more people than any other on Earth, there is also more people above the law, than any other nation on the planet. Ironic don’t you think? Maybe now that Comey is gone, things might change. Or maybe it will be like The Who when they say, “Meet the new boss, same as the old boss”?


C. Rich
Author, Blogger, Poet

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