Looking More Like Intelligence Community Not WH Leakers

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Looking More Like Intelligence Community Not WH Leakers

It is time to consider that the answers to who is leaking this or that are becoming clearer. We are told that there are people in the White House that are leaking everything each day to the Washington Post or the New York Times. We are also told it might be Obama leftovers, but it is starting to look like none of that is true. Isn’t it more likely that the Intelligence Community, who Trump started a fight with, are the ones who are leaking?

Think about it, there is an obvious campaign to take down President Trump that is clearly orchestrated and not happenstance. The leaks are fed to the media, who is suffering from political rabies, then from the surveillance world, and not from “former or present” employees of the White House, but rather from our Spy Establishment, we are getting a total take down. People are missing this. They are not looking at the macro here as they fixate on the micro. Too many times have there been too few people in the room, but it still comes out in the papers. The only way that could happen is they are spying on every minute of the Trump Administration and revealing every nuance of mistake and then blowing it up in the willing media.

I keep writing this publicly. I keep saying this axiom. “Our government is at war with itself.” Someone is going to win this war and someone does not realize he is in a war. I do not believe President Trump understands the job he has. I don’t think the president understands the power he has. I don’t think the Commander in Chief understands the domestic war he is in. I do not think this man realizes that these people will not stop until he is destroyed.

The president needs to wake up and fast. He is walking through the halls of the White House not knowing who he can trust. The man has faded from his America First, Steve Bannon or nationalist agenda. Think about how all of the biggest supporters of Trump are in dismay. Matt Drudge, Laura Ingraham and Ann Coulter are all publicly musing out loud that the train went off the tracks. No way they can all be wrong. When millions voted for Trump; it was because we believed he would connect the whole nation with bullet trains. Nobody would have believed how his train would have gone off the tracks so damn quickly. Time to call in Newt Gingrich or Karl Rove, Mr. President. It is time to go to political war. This is not working.


C. Rich
Author, Blogger, Poet

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