Echoes of Nixon? Maybe Not. Echoes of JFK? Maybe? Will They Kill Trump?

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There is an orchestrated take-down of President Donald Trump. It is relentless. It is unstoppable. It is the left doing this. It is that political persuasion that is doing this. They will not let an outsider come to Washington D.C. as a disrupter. The left is breaking laws, hourly, to force this president out. Yes, much of this is self-imposed, but we really need to ask ourselves, if the man did not and would not dance to their tune, would this take down have happened anyway?

It is frightening to watch this on so many levels. The Deep State is destroying an American President. They simply will not allow an outsider to come in and change things. Look at how much of the Trump Agenda is stalled already. The timing of this relentless take-down is undeniable. The law-breaking leaks right before the evening news starts each day is extreme and timely as much as it is succinctly calculating. The rabid and frothing media makes Cujo look like Snoopy. The media is being used as a tool to one of the biggest denials of reality since 9/11.

I do not know if Trump can survive this. I don’t know if he will just walk away. What if he finally realizes the fight he is in and then takes it on? This is not a man who backs down, not ever. So, then what? Do they kill him like John F. Kennedy and blame it on some lone gunman? The whole thing is unknowable and unfolding in real time. I feel like they will destroy him and if they can’t, they will kill this president. It is that structured. It is that tailored. Look, right before he goes on this trip, now there is this Israeli thing? The President is about to go on an historic trip to the other side of the world and all of a sudden, the take down has been put on intergalactic speed?

Sixty-two million people voted for President Trump; this is as much as an attack on him, as it is on us. He is there at our request to speak for us. Look what they are doing to this man. We are supposed to believe that the guy on The Apprentice is now a Russian Spy? Really? Really! Well, just say that aloud. The real estate mogul and reality star is actually an undercover Russian agent. Say it! Because to believe this narrative is to believe that!


C. Rich
Author, Blogger, Poet

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