New War Before Tax Cuts? Before Infrastructure?

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I saw CNN had a banner up that said, “Secretary of State said: “Steps to remove Assad are underway.” I do not like the way this administration is headed. I do not like what I am seeing on many levels. It looks like the Globalists are winning and the Nationalists are not! If it turns like that, I will be done. Nobody voted for Trump to start a new war in the Middle East or throw poor people off of Medicaid! This is not looking good. If Steve Bannon is losing power, it is the populist movement that is losing!

So far, the deregulation that is going on each day is the only true promise that has been kept. However, that is something that takes time to reap the benefits and even notice. Now President Trump seems like he is headed for more regime change, more nation building and once again it is not America being rebuilt. I understand and support our action in Syria, but we have to ask questions. We should have many questions, but I digress. When the Neocons are walking around praising the president and John McCain and Lindsey Graham looking like they have a collective erection, watch out!

If we land up starting another war before we got any tax cuts, built any bridges or laid the first mile of the wall, then we have been robbed. If it goes like that, the populist movement in America is dead. It means the conservatives took control of the Trump Administration and you know what kind of crap that means that will be coming our way. When I heard the vice-president went down to the Freedom Caucus and offered to remove preexisting conditions to be covered by the law, in the healthcare called Ryancare, my heart skipped a beat. When I saw that evil unfold, I realized this is not what we voted for. I don’t recall the red hats during the presidential campaign saying, “Making Syria Great Again!”

C. Rich
Author, Blogger, Poet

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