The Fukushima Nuclear Disaster Continues

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Six years ago, on March 11, 2011, Japan suffered an earthquake registering a 9 on the Richter scale, quickly followed by a tsunami that killed more than 18,000 people. The disaster was compounded by an order of several magnitudes at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant, where multiple reactors exploded releasing massive clouds of radiation into the atmosphere, affecting all of the air, land, and water in the area and beyond, and led to three complete nuclear meltdowns.

Those meltdowns continue to this day.

Aside from the initial burst of atmospheric radiation, which did eventually drift over the United States, a groundwater source has been causing at least one hundred of tons of highly contaminated water to flow into the Pacific Ocean, 24-hours a day every day for the last six years with no end in sight, with some reports indicating an even higher level of radioactive water output into the ocean.

The nonsensical notion of “decommissioning” the entire plant in 30 to 40 years can be observed by the very fact that the reactors where the nuclear cores have melted down are utterly unreachable with current technology, and are imminently deadly to human life. It is simply impossible to get near them. The nuclear industry experts in Japan have no idea where the melted cores are exactly located for any of the reactors or what their actual conditions are because all attempts to do so have ended in complete disastrous failure.

Last year, the Japanese constructed a subterranean “ice wall” in a rather scientifically dubious attempt to block or at least minimize the flow of water into the ocean, but to no avail. The radioactive water continues to flow into the highly contaminated basement area and ultimately out into the ocean.

Several robots have been sent remotely into the containment areas to try to isolate the melted fuel’s location and get a look at its condition, and every single one of those robots have “died” as a result of the extraordinarily high level of radiation they encounter as they start to approach the generally accepted area of where the melted cores probably should be at this time. Clearly, the technology currently available is entirely insufficient to address the unprecedented scope of what’s happening at Fukushima.

As of today, six years into this cataclysmic disaster, the lack of urgency from the world’s governments is astounding. This is not just a “Japanese problem” as some might conclude based upon the scant amount of honest reporting out there; it affects all of us whether we are willing to acknowledge this fact or not.

One of the fallacies continually propagated by nay-sayers is that the Pacific Ocean is so vast it will dilute the radiation of the highly contaminated water flowing into it, such that it poses no real threat to life at all. And yet, the ocean waters off the west coast of the U.S. and Canada are showing detectable signs of nuclear contamination from Fukushima, and seafood, such as tuna, have been found containing elevated levels of cesium. Bioaccumulation among ocean life is another concern.

Also of interest, but generally never mentioned anywhere, is the very real health impact of the massive cloud of radiation released as a result of the reactor explosions in 2011 that drifted over the U.S.

It is within the scope of reason to presume that cancer rates throughout our nation will rise. The west coast bore the brunt of it, but most of the middle-to-upper parts of the country were also impacted, not only from the highly radioactive cloud itself but from the rainfall that was contaminated by it, which affects absolutely everything, everywhere. All of our produce, and particularly milk and milk products, among other consumables, had been radioactively contaminated to some degree. All of our lives have been touched by this event and still are.

Obviously, the government will never attest to this simple truth.

As for “experts” that the media trot out whenever a realistic story about Fukushima makes some waves among the population, it becomes clear they adamantly do not want people thinking about these things the way they actually are, and thus can be seen and heard completely downplaying the severity of the situation (because what do you know about radioactive isotopes like cesium or strontium-90 anyway, right?).

Comparisons to everyday background radiation and X-rays abound in the official downplaying repertoire by professionals to silence critics, but you do not ingest those forms of radiation, do you? Do not be fooled. There is a distinct difference between them. Such comparisons are completely fraudulent and betray the truth of the matter to keen observers.

The meltdowns at Fukushima is an ongoing catastrophic disaster that is deeply destructive to our biosphere and will continue to be so for perhaps a century or more, unless we come up with a viable workable solution to stop it.

This unprecedented epic global crisis should force all governments around the world to come together in human solidarity and initiate an entirely new, but very public, Manhattan Project for the 21st century. One that will involve all of the world’s best scientists, engineers, and materials specialists to create a much-needed solution to this criminally ignored problem.

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